Free e-Scooter Tours in Bangkok


Times are tough during covid-19 and we have all been at home for much longer than we anticipated. Now, since some restrictions have been lifted, we are looking forward to pick up the pace and get moving under the open skies for some fresh air.

What better way to do this than on an e-scooter! One push button wonders on 2 wheels.

Come and see Bangkok up and close with us!

This 4 hour tour is all about Bangkok hidden inside along the river.

Terms and conditions:

1: Rental Fee 70 Baht per hour

2: Ferries/soft drinks/coffee etc etc are at your own expense

3: Insurance available to purchase

4: Only available at scheduled days until July 31st, 2020

So what’s stopping you? Come and Join us now!

To Book click here and enter COVID19 in the SPECIAL REQUEST box to make use of this amazing offer:



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